Nohira Ethics and Plagiarism Policy


African Journal of Engineering and Environment Research (AJOEER) is a reputable peer review research of journal that publishes original articles of international standard from all fields of studies of engineering, science, technology and the environmental, with special features from other related field of studies.

Our Ethical Policies therefore is accronymed NOHIRA, meaning:

  1. Novelty: Innovative, Original and Germane
  2. Honesty: Transparency and unbiased Communication.
  3. Integrity: Tested and Trusted source of Information
  4. Respect and Reliability: Valued relationship and dependable partnership.
  5. Accountability: Full responsibility for actionable activities.


AJOEER detest the following:

  • Reproducing contents (textual, images, graphics, etc.) from another source or author and failing to properly crediting the source (plagiarism)
  • Using the same content to generating many papers and by the same authors (self-plagiarism)
  • Concurrently publishing same research or work to more than one journal
  • Producing and presenting someone else work as yours
  • Failure to acknowledge the efforts of other researches
  • Refusal to cite publications and sources that serve as the motivation for your current work.
  • Submitting a work that has not been duly reviewed by trusted anti-plagiarism services.
  • AJOEER anti-plagiarism service includes but not limited to:
    • Provide anti-plagiarism services through partners at moderate fee to authors.
    • Enabled basic anti-copying of content on her website ( to discourage copy and paste.
    • Constantly reviewing and updating anti-plagiarism polices and template.
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